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Why Work for Our Trucking Company?

Increased demand for local and long-distance trucking services during the last few years has only made qualified truck drivers more essential. As an experienced, licensed, and certified truck driver, you have no shortage of employment opportunities within your reach.

Freeport Freight Systems Inc. believes that we’re a team worth joining. With a wide array of employee benefits, a full fleet of routinely serviced trucks, and a lengthy list of longtime clients, we’re more than just a trucking company—we’re a local institution.

Feel free to read about what makes us stand out from the rest. Alternatively, contact us for inquiries about employment opportunities. Our phone number is (775) 622-8147 Ext 103, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Recruiting New Drivers Now

We opened our doors to the community in 2013. What began as a trucking company with a small fleet plus a 2400 square-foot shop and 2/3-acre yard has almost tripled in size. Today, we boast a 7200-square-foot facility with two 4-acre yards for our incredible shop. Most importantly, we have a fleet of 26 trucks. These trucks need experienced and committed drivers—and that’s why we need you.

We know how qualified the truckers in our community are. We think it’s our duty to honor their level of dedication and expertise by offering excellent dental, vision, and medical benefits, as well as a wide array of opportunities for continual advancement.

Some of what you can expect from joining our team include:

  • Salaried positions
  • Vacation time
  • 401K retirement savings plans
  • Employee health savings accounts
  • ...and more

The Joys of a Positive Workplace

We all know about the benefits of a positive work environment, but not everyone has had the opportunity to experience such a place firsthand. Are you looking to lend your skills to a company that cares about its team’s quality of life? If so, we’re the people to call.

You’ll Love Our Vehicle Fleet

We have an extensive fleet of commercial trucks for our drivers. However, as impressive as our facility’s lots might look, we think that quality is more important than quantity. That is why we routinely service our trucks and ensure they not only look capable of handling any load—they are.

Our on-site truck maintenance capabilities ensure you’ll never have to worry about your vehicle giving you unnecessary trouble on the road. Nothing stops you from getting to our residential, commercial, and industrial clients on time and safely.

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Join Freeport Freight Systems Inc. Now

We spend so many hours of our lives at work. Wouldn’t it be nice to be surrounded by people who consider their line of work a passion instead of just another profession? If a positive work environment with great opportunities for advancement sounds good, our team is the right one for you.

Our business has expanded nearly threefold in the span of a decade. Join our team now and see where the next decade takes us. Call (775) 622-8147 Ext 103 to inquire about opportunities.

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