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On-Site Truck Maintenance

You might be a great truck driver who can easily navigate the roads, but you also need a highly functional and reliable truck to carry out your duties. At Freeport Freight Systems Inc., we perform on-site truck maintenance on our four-acre lot to ensure that our fleet never lets you—or our important clients—down.

Our on-site commercial truck maintenance team is just one of the many reasons why professional truckers join our seasoned team. Read more about our maintenance services and code-compliant practices at your leisure, or call our headquarters at (775) 622-8147 Ext 103 to inquire about additional practices and career opportunities. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Taking Care of Our Trucks

We’re a trucking company that goes to great lengths to ensure that the drivers we employ and the clients we serve get the treatment they deserve. We believe that successful business does not begin and end with the work we do on the road—it starts with our practices at our headquarters.

Businesses like ours need to ensure their vehicles and equipment operate according to the standards of the commercial trucking industry. Here, we never overlook repair, maintenance, and inspection requirements for our class of vehicles.

Our commitment to truck maintenance and repair services ensures:

  • Prompt, timely deliveries
  • Decreased risk of liabilities
  • Satisfied repeat clients
  • Supported and valued drivers
  • ...and more

Our drivers need well-maintained equipment to carry out their duties and meet the client's needs. We work to ensure we’re always supporting our drivers and equipping them to do the best job possible every time.

Full Suite of Commercial Truck Maintenance Services

Delivery trucks that serve commercial and industrial clients are different from personal vehicles. They’re on the road much longer and carrying heavier loads. Delivery vehicles’ frequent and intensive use can quickly cause any neglect to spiral into a state of disrepair. We ensure these vehicles get the care they need and avoid costly equipment failures.

Some of the standard on-site maintenance and repair services we perform include:

  • Safety inspections
  • Oil changes
  • Tire services
  • Engine maintenance and diagnostics
  • ...and more

Our clients can’t wait an extra day for delivery because our trucks need repairs. We need to make sure we repair the trucks as quickly as possible. Thanks to our extensive on-site repair capabilities, we never disappoint.

Taking Care of Our Truck Drivers

We don’t just care of our vehicles. Here, we take care of our drivers. Our level-headed and positive work environment and a wide array of employee benefits make us one of the most reputable employers in the community. We don’t just give people jobs—we start them on careers.

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Learn More About Our Trucking Company

In just a few years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most sought-after trucking companies in the region. With ten years of success to our name and growing demand for our industry, we’re confident we’ll thrive for years, if not decades, to come. Learn more about our company by calling (775) 622-8147 Ext 103 at your convenience.

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