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Employee Benefits Package

Our company has grown considerably over the last decade. Having relocated to a facility double the size of our previous, we now boast a fleet of over two dozen trucks. We’ve made sure that our employees also reap the benefits of our continued success.

One look at our employee benefits packages will tell you everything you need to know about Freeport Freight Systems Inc.’s dedication to its employees’ well-being. Read about these benefits at your leisure and feel free to contact us at (775) 622-8147 Ext 103 if any questions arise.

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Caring for Our Employees

Awards and accolades matter, but you shouldn’t judge a trucking company by these things alone and ignore how they treat their employees. When commercial trucking companies look after their employees, there are fewer incidents of workplace stress and higher worker retention. Everyone benefits when employees and employers alike know that there is a sense of respect between all levels of a company.

How do we ensure that our employees know that they are looked after day by day? By offering a host of employee benefits to everyone who joins our team.

Our truck drivers, logistics experts, laborers, and administrative staff are the people who keep operations afloat. We think that offering adequate employee benefits is the least that we can do.

Dental Care

Drivers’ oral health is central to their overall health. The dental coverage offered through our plan means that we’ll help when the time comes for our employees or their loved ones to visit the dentist for routine checkups.

Vision Care

The nature of our work requires every driver to have optimal vision. How do we go about ensuring our commercial truck drivers have a clear view of the road ahead? By offering exceptional vision care.

Disability Benefits

Whether at the loading dock, in the office, or on the road, there is always the possibility that accidents, slips, or falls may occur. We don’t want our employees to experience financial hardship during times of recovery. We make disability benefits available to all our employees.

Health Savings Accounts

There are some health and medical expenses that medical plans will not reimburse. In times such as those, the tax-advantaged health savings accounts set up by our company are a life saver.

Always Supporting Our Staff

From the on-site truck maintenance services to our extensive employee benefits packages, we believe in supporting our employees however possible. It’s not just our employees who stand to gain from our tried-and-true approach—our customers benefit, too. Studies show that positive work environments deliver the best results on a daily basis, and our company facilitates an environment more positive than most.

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It’s one thing to secure gainful employment. It’s another to work under employers who value their staff as much as they value their customers and profit. Work where everyday people matter more than anything else. Work with us.

Call (775) 622-8147 Ext 103 for information about ongoing and future employment opportunities.

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