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24/7 Driver Support

The world of commercial truck delivery sees many delivery drivers on the road by themselves for hours and hours—but that doesn’t mean they’re alone. Freeport Freight Systems Inc. offers 24/7 driver support to every truck driver on our team, ensuring they never have to troubleshoot or face complications and setbacks on their own.

We’re the commercial trucking company that takes care of our own. Call us at (775) 622-8147 Ext 103 to learn more about our services.

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Steering Drivers to Success

Our trucking company goes to great lengths to ensure that our truck drivers get the support they need on a daily basis. We ensure they have adequate insurance coverage, appropriate training, and the best vehicles on the road today. We know how challenging it is to be on the road for an entire working day. Offering our drivers a full spectrum of support makes the job a little easier to handle.

Mobile Repair Services

Auto troubles can arise at any time, day or night. If we're lucky, we can catch these problems during our routine on-site truck inspection sessions. However, when problems arise while conducting a delivery or returning to headquarters, drivers can always call our 24/7 on-call driver support team. We’re always available to assist the drivers on our team.

From flat tires and engine troubles to cargo-related issues, our repair team handles it all. There’s no reason why any of our drivers should have to confront on-the-road challenges all by themselves.

Route Planning and Offline Navigation

Drivers work with our home-based team when they need to make sense of last-minute route changes or areas where GPS refuses to cooperate. Truck drivers are never lost or alone with our on-site support team monitoring their journey.

Are you eager to learn more about the support services we offer? Don’t hesitate to contact our facilities. We’re the trucking company that always picks up the phone.

Employee Benefits and More

We do more than offer remote and mobile support for our drivers on the road. As reputable employers, we consider it absolutely necessary to offer competitive benefits and salaries to every individual we hire. Whether vision care, dental care, or a 401k Retirement Savings Plan is their top priority, we have the benefits our drivers need to feel secure today and far into the future. We think of everything when it comes to employee care.

Owned and Operated by Truck Drivers

Before establishing our company in 2013, our founder started off as a truck driver himself. Our on-the-ground knowledge of the challenges truck drivers face makes us all the more capable of addressing—and anticipating—the everyday needs of our team.

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Would you like to learn more about the lengths we go to aid our employees? Are you eager to learn about potential career opportunities? Contact us at (775) 622-8147 Ext 103 now.

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