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Freeport Freight Systems Inc.


This means that we are focused on exceeding our Customer’s, and our Team Members’ expectations through the Core Values of DRIVEN. These Core Values define who we are as a company, and how we expect everyone who is part of our team to behave.

Drive Safety –Striving to be innovative and efficient Taking care of others as well as ourselves. Safety never rests!!!

Respect – We respect our Customers, our Vendors, and most importantly our people. Our people are who drive this company

Innovation – We consistently look to come up with new efficient and effective ways to do our job

Visionary – We are always looking to the future

Entrepreneurial – We embrace change, think outside the box, look for opportunities, and focus on Results

Never Settle – We always strive to improve. Average is not ok.

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We believe that by strictly adhering to and enforcing Freeport Freight Systems Inc. Core Values that we will be able to succeed in exceeding both our customer’s and our Team Members expectations. This significantly set us apart from the competition.

With everyone focused on using DRIVEN to guide behaviors and decision making, we will be a better company. This will allow us to gain more business with Fed Ex, and to ensure that we have the A-team employed here.

We encourage you to live these values.

We expect you to embody these while you represent

Freeport Freight Systems Inc.

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